EVS Xeebra Multi-Camera Review VAR System

Select and review every angle of an action in detail – quickly, efficiently and in complete synchronization

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With Xeebra®, officials or video operators can easily review a given action and select the most relevant angles on the system’s intuitive touchscreen or with a dedicated controller. They can zoom in with a simple touch-and-pinch gesture to review every angle in detail – quickly, efficiently and in complete synchronization. The highly flexible system is designed to be used across multiple sports and deployed wherever it needs to be, whether on the sidelines, in a venue production control room or a remote officiating facility.

  • Review in perfect synchronization

    Xeebra’s flexible client interface allows you to view multiple camera angles, with synchronized, browsing of content from up to 16 HD cameras. You can narrow your view from all 16 to four, two or full-screen views through simple touches.

  • See inside the action

    Xeebra supports the ingest and browsing of high frame rate (SuperMotion) cameras, just like professional EVS broadcast servers. This ensures that officials not only see the key action but also view and analyze angles with greater clarity and detail than possible with the naked eye.

  • Save time with FIFA certified virtual offside line

    No more need for time- consuming pre-game setups. Xeebra integrates machine learning technology to automatically calibrate the field of play and produce a virtual offside line in real-time. Having successfully completed FIFA’s Quality Programme for Virtual Offside Lines (VOL), this innovative technology highlights the accuracy and consistency of the EVS solution.

  • Zoom in for a better look

    Xeebra’s easy pinch and zoom capabilities allow users to get a closer view of the captured action. Zoom in on a single-view image or select side-by-side views for close-up comparison of different angles for particularly tricky decisions.

  • Place the system where you want

    Do your video referees prefer to be seated alongside the field rather than in a technical truck? Through Xeebra’s flexible server/client architecture, referees can sit wherever they want within the stadium while the server equipment stays tucked out of sight.

  • Make the most of your analysis

    Reviewed plays are valuable for post-game analysis. You can define the content you want to take away from match situations. The ability to export a Situation Report with metadata and audio, in a convenient and consumable format, is invaluable.


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Key features
  • Reactive and simple UI with touch control
  • Full scalability from 1 to an infinite number of camera angles
  • Multi-angle and dynamic layout browsing
  • Viewing of up to 16 camera angles at once
  • Support of Super Motion camera viewing
  • EVS controller for accurate browsing control (frame by frame)
  • Flexible design that can adapt to any sport
  • Quick and easy to deploy system
  • AI-driven calibration of the soccer field
  • Up to 3 clients per server system