Harmonic MediaGrid Shared Storage

Scalable media storage & high-density

Harmonic MediaGrid® is perfect for digital media applications requiring shared, real-time storage. You can ingest, playout, archive, edit, transcode and control over-the-top (OTT) adaptive bitrate streaming in one place.

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Media storage with MediaGrid

Start out small, as little as 56 TB of capacity — and seamlessly scale to petabytes of capacity and tens of gigabytes per second of throughput. Reduce rack space and lower storage related-costs with this high-density storage option

High-quality video

High-density, up to 672 TB of raw capacity in 5-RU


Ethernet-based, scale-out shared storage

Linear scaling

Simple and cost-effective to deploy, manage and scale

Solid state drives

Available as the main system or the clients to improve editing performance

Data protection

RecycleBin feature provides data protection

Rest API

Integrate with third-party monitoring systems

MediaGrid is ideal for all your storage needs

Deliver OTT channels
Ultra high-definition storage
Media workflows


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MediaGrid technical specifications


56 TB to multiple petabytes in a single file system Ethernet-based, scale-out shared storage Qualified and optimized with dozens of leading media applications Superior, consistent performance for media workflows Enables exceptionally high bandwidth across all capacity points with its unique file system technology High-density, up to 672 TB of raw capacity in 5-RU Simple and cost-effective to deploy, manage, and scale Unique file system technology enables exceptionally high bandwidth across all capacity points Data protection with RecycleBin feature Integrates with Spectrum™ Media Servers and VOS® Cloud-Native Software origin streaming video server Stretch Cluster provides synchronous replication for metropolitan distances.

Easy-to-deploy system expansion

Fully distributed scale-out architecture increases performance as additional storage nodes are added to the base system Existing data is transparently re-balanced across new nodes without the need for file system reconfiguration Up to 2 GBps of bandwidth can be delivered to a single client, with aggregate bandwidth reaching tens of gigabytes per second

Variety of use-cases

Ingest Editing Color grading Production/OTT streaming Transcoding Playout staging Archive/Nearline Media asset management Spectrum™ X direct playout

High availability

No single point of failure Redundant hot-swap controllers Hot-swap disk drives Hot-swap power supplies Redundant SAS fabric Online software upgrades Online firmware upgrades Replication for disaster recovery

Flexible storage options

24 hot-swap 3.5” SAS drives: 4 TB, 8 TB, HDD enterprise
24 hot-swap 2.5” SAS drives: 3.2 TB, 6.4 TB  SSD enterprise 84 drawer-based hot-swap drives: 4 TB, 8 TB

Operating system support options

Windows Linux MacOS