Streamstar X7 6-channel Live Production Streaming Studio

High performance, 6 channel, live production and streaming studio that confidently delivers professional, broadcast quality results. Packed in a 2RU chassis, the system supports a variety of inputs and offers a full range of professional features including Streamstar’s renowned replays and slomo, media playlists, amazing graphics capabilities, an internal character generator and of course the brilliant, intuitive, touch screen user interface. Professional results with confidence and excellence.

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X-series Features


  • Intuitive and easy-to-use touch screen user interface
  • 2-6x 3G/HD-SDI / IP stream / NDI inputs (model depending)
  • HD-SDI / HDMI/ NDI / RTMP / TS output
  • 4x Insert layers – Logo / Overlay / CG / Ingest
  • Cut/Crossfade/Transitions automated switching modes
  • Internal CG Live sports graphics
  • External sports graphics over NDI
  • Built-in Multi-view with 3 modes
  • Built-in Audio mixer
  • Recording – ISO / PGM / Stream / Replays
  • Built-in encoder for Live streaming
  • Multi-channel Instant Replays with Slow-motion
  • Media player, Playlists and Highlights creator
  • JVC camcorder IP based CCU and Tally
  • JVC smart PTZ control
  • Replay matrix playout system with playlists
  • Dynamic replay camera switching
  • Sequential replay playback
  • Freeze frame in replays
  • Replay lead in/out animations
  • AutoCut – automatic camera switching after replays or media
    • Ingest on/off Automation in replays
    • Media editing with IN/OUT points
    • PIP and Split screen layouts
    • Multi framerate 50fps / 60fps operation
    • True 4:4:4:4 ARGB video processing
    • Popular streaming platforms integration
    • Simulcasting
    • Facebook Live direct streaming integration

*/ for details please contact a Streamstar product specialist
NOTE: monitors not included


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X-series technical specifications

Total live camera inputs - vision mixer 6 4 2 Vision mixer SW GUI features live camera preview monitors that function as switches for touch-screen switching operation
3G / HD-SDI Input 6 4 2 Supported resolutions and framerates: 720p50, 1080i50, 1080p50 ( embedded audio support )
NDI Input 6 4 2 Supported resolutions and framerates: 720p25, 720p50, 1080p25, 1080i50, 1080p50 (NDI HX)
IP Stream Input 6 4 2 Supported resolutions and framerates: 720p25, 720p50, 1080p25, 1080i50, 1080p50 (NDI HX)
External graphics input with transparency over NDI 1 1 1 Supported resolutions and framerates: 720p25, 720p50, 1080p25, 1080p50
NDI output - PGM 1 1 1 Supported resolutions and framerates: 720p50, 1080p25, 1080p50
Replay channels with slow-motion playback 4 4 2 2 - 4 instant replay channels - user definable/model dependant. Capture replays of 3 different durations by a push of a button. Replay durations are setup by user as required. The replay system offers 3 automated playback modes: 1. Direct Replay Playback matrix: switch to and from any replay anytime 2. Sequential Replay Playback (SRP): create sequences of replay looks 3. Dynamic Replay Camera Switching (DRCS): synchronized playback of all replays and switching replay cameras in real-time. The replay systems offers variable playback speed, freeze frame, Auto-Cut: select a camera for automatic cut to live, after replay playback is finished, add replays to playlist for instant highlights creation, replay wipes: custom lead-in and lead-out animations, statistics of replay-wipes usage for monetization purposes, recording of all replays captured as separate files with audio
3G/HD-SDI output - PGM (HDMI included ) Supported resolutions and framerates: 720p50, 1080i50, 1080p50
Multiview output ( GPU based HDMI or DP ) 3 modes available select from: PGM / Camera Grid / PGM + Camera Grid combined
USB audio card support (external audio mixer) External audio mixer as a source support
Media playback Playback, Preview, Add to Playlist, Mute, Loop, Virtual in/out points trim
Playlists media management system Creation of virtual playlists of media files to assemle blocks of content to be used in PGM with playback, loop, audio mute, automatic pause / continue functionality when switched
Real time camera preview, media, graphics 6 4 2 Preview of all sources
Switching - Mixing - PIP and Split layouts Cut, Autocut, Crossfade, Transition wipes (9), PIP and SPLIT SCREEN templates (9) editable
Automated Scene manager, Show automation Allows users to pre-program and time all operations needed for the entire broadcast in advance to create automated production workflows. In live production a single operator can instantly trigger complex visual compositions and control the execution of sophisticated broadcasting timelines with minimal effort
Graphics DSK - unlimited 4 DSK layers with transparency: 1. CG - Character Generator | 2. OVERLAYS - flv, mov, png | 3. LOGO (Bug) - flv, mov, png | 4. INGEST - External graphics ingest over NDI
Internal CG with templates Creation of editable live graphics - lower 3rds, titles, crawls or timers with dynamic data controls based on supplied templates or user graphics
NDI PGM Recording 720p50, 1080p25, 1080p50 - identical to NDI Output setting
PGM stream recording Up to 1080p50 @ up to 10Mbps - identical to Live Streaming setting
ISO recording of camera inputs 4 4 2 Internal file recording of camera input singnals at incoming parameters
Live Streaming Up to 1080p50 @ up to 10Mbps / RTMP/S or TS (H.264 + AAC)
Simulcasting Streaming to up to 5 simultaneous destinations
Audio Mixer Integrated, full featured audio mixer with monitoring, audio follow video, muting, solo, peaking, stereo lock/unlock, audio delay setup
Supported Media Playback Formats .mp4, .m4v, .mov, .wmv, .mpg, .mpeg, .ts, .avi, .flv
NDI PTZ control NDI PTZ camera control over NDI based on provided features availability and depending on the NDI standard
JVC Smart PTZ Control JVC PTZ camera control over IP - Motion with presets, Zoom with presets, Camera Groups with presets, Tally, Auto/Manual modes, Recording, Iris, Gain, Shutter, WB, Zero Config automatic setup
JVC IP based CCU and Tally JVC camcorders remote control over IP - Tally light, Recording On/Off, Auto/Manual modes, Iris, Gain, Shutter, WB settings, Zero Config automatic setup and network discovery
JVC camcorder IP input stream management JVC camcorders remote control over IP - Resolution, Bitrate, IP video stream destination setup
GPIO control 2 customisable GPIO controls with user defined parameters to trigger external devices and/or actions
Save/Load Settings Integrated save/load system settings to create various custom configurations and specify default settings for system startup
PIP/SPLIT Screen templates editor Utility application to customize the provided default PIP/SPLIT Screen templates and to save/load custom configurations for the Streamstar SW
Crawl CG automated RSS 2.0 data feed Support for automated RSS 2.0 data feed to create text crawls with the internal CG module
Optional Accessories Streamstar dedicated, colour coded keyboard, Hardware validation license key
Form Factor 2RU rack
Dimensions without handles (DxWxH) 457.2 x 430 x 88.1 (mm)
Packing dimensions and weight (DxWxH) 600mm x 580mm x 220mm / Weight: 15kg