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Streamline Xchange is an award-winning asset management platform proven to arm some of the world’s top media creatives with the best-in-class solutions to manage all their content. When combined with the rest of Ross’ suite of products, it seamlessly integrates file-based workflows with signal-based infrastructures to offer single and multi-site operations global access to their content and workflows.

Discover Your Assets

Access all of your production assets and associated metadata in and out of your facility from a single, unified UI, with powerful search capabilities and real-time playback.

Accelerate Content Creation

Simplify and accelerate your content creation and workflow by accessing media and workflows remotely.

Add Flexibility

Archive and restore content to local and cloud-based archive solutions from any location and across multiple storage tiers.

Improve Efficiency and Creativity

Accelerate your entire media production workflow without compromising creativity or quality.

Easy User Management

Manage large teams easily by delegating roles and managing project-level permissions.

Future – Proof Your Workflow

Work with all major broadcast codecs and file formats together with unparalleled flexibility and proven reliability.



Creative Integrations

Improve productivity by seamlessly connecting your video, graphics, and visual FX teams with tools to locate, manage, and import assets and projects without ever needing to leave creative tools such as Adobe Creative Cloud and Apple Final Cut Pro.

Rough Cut Editing

Easily gather videos into an organized rough cut while settings in and out points to prepare a creative story for exporting to playback systems or for creative finishing in Adobe Premiere Pro directly from a web interface.

Time-Based Logging

Streamline Xchange MAM provides powerful metadata-tagging tools that allow for logging live or pre-recorded video. These tools contain configurable user interfaces that enable content loggers to easily tag video with defined metadata – making assets easier to manage, automate and ultimately monetize.

Metadata Management

Manage all your content with both asset level and project level metadata fields. Metadata can drive both the discovery of assets as well as automate workflows to accelerate productions.

Configurable Workflows

Drive and configure internal video production processes across multiple departments and improve the communication and response time of engineering and support staff.

Archive Integrations

Browse and edit archived assets by proxy and seamlessly restore the high-res file for final output. Streamline Xchange integrates your production storage with LTO or object storage solutions for dynamically managing archived content locally or from the Cloud.


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Streamline Xchange supports three main editions, which vary based on the number of concurrent users, creative users and proxy renders.  


For a single team creating and archiving content


  • 10 Web Users
  • 6 Proxy Render


For multiple teams who are creating and archiving content


  • 30 Web Users
  • 10 Creative Users
  • 12 Proxy Render


For multiple teams and facilities creating and archiving content


  • 50 Web Users
  • 20 Creative Users
  • 18 Proxy Render

Server Specifications

Recommended Servers   Database Server   Windows Server 2019 64-bit 32GB Memory  Intel Xeon E-2144G 3.6GHz or higher 2x480GB SSD SATA 6Gbps  Media Processing Server   Windows Server 2019 64-bit 64GB Memory  Dual Intel Xeon Silver 4214 or higher 2x480GB SSD SATA 6Gbps