ROSS Carbonite Ultra UHD Production Switcher

The World’s Most Popular Mid-Sized Production Switcher

Carbonite Ultra packs big switcher power and performance into a compact, 1RU footprint.

This budget-friendly powerhouse, which is equally at-home in HD or UHD productions, underscores why Carbonite production switchers are synonymous with performance, reliability, and value.

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Tradition of Excellence

Built on the foundation of Carbonite, the world’s most popular mid-sized production switcher, Carbonite Ultra represents almost a half-century of experience developing professional quality, cutting-edge live production products and is backed by one of the highest-rated customer support teams in the industry.


More than a Switcher

Carbonite Ultra goes beyond transitions and layering effects with frame syncs, format converters, multiviewers, chroma keyers, an audio mixer/processor and more…all in a single 1RU frame.


Format Flexible

Carbonite Ultra supports most common video formats and frame rates from SD all the way to UHD making this platform exceptionally versatile for facilities facing mixed signal formats. And since its onboard I/O processing resources can be expanded with easy-to-install licenses, Carbonite Ultra is an ideal choice for growing facilities.


Future Secure

Continually benefit from a software-defined hardware platform that is built to last you a lifetime. Carbonite Ultra customers will receive new features via free-of-charge software updates and exciting new software-licensed functions that go beyond just a production switcher.



Were it not for its user-configurable front panel lighting, Carbonite Ultra’s compact 1RU frame might get lost in a crowded equipment rack. In fact, its almost hard to believe that so many robust features and I/O matrix could even fit in such a space-saving, energy-conscious footprint.


Affordably Attractive

Carbonite Ultra’s entry-level price point, including high-end features normally found on much more expensive products, is the lowest of any Ross mid-size production switcher ever. That puts serious production horsepower within reach of even budget-conscious facilities that still demand cutting edge technology to produce audience-grabbing results.

Upgrade Your Carbonite Ultra Today

Download the latest release of Carbonite Ultra software at no cost to take advantage of the most up-to-date feature additions.

Production Power

Carbonite Ultra packs 24 IN / 14 OUT, up to 3 full MEs and 4 built-in MiniMEs – into a single 1RU chassis. Now that’s production wizardry!


ME & MiniME Resources

Carbonite Ultra packs substantial transition and layering power into its compact 1RU chassis. With up to three full MEs and four MiniMEs in HD or 2 full MEs and two MiniMEs in UHD, each with dedicated full-function keyers, Carbonite Ultra can power even complex productions easily and efficiently.

Device Control

Carbonite Ultra integrates seamlessly with Ross and third-party devices using DashBoard or industry-standard control protocols. Carbonite Ultra’s DashBoard GUI can even display external device interfaces and user-created custom panels directly.

Advanced Macros & Memories

Timeline macros, a flexible system for storing and recalling panel memories, and integrated memory transition capability provide simple, efficient “one-button” access to even complex switcher effects.

Media Playback

Four independent key/fill MediaStores capable of displaying still or animated files, are available system-wide. MediaStores 1 & 2 are also available for quick and easy animated transitions using Carbonite Ultra’s included MediaWipe transition keyer.

Multipurpose MultiViewers

Independent MultiViewers are included In Carbonite Ultra’s extensive feature set. The switcher provides up to four 16-window MultiViewers in SD or HD (two in UHD) for comprehensive source and destination monitoring. Source labels, as well as tally and aspect ratio indicators, can be configured on a box-by-box basis


Ross Video’s patented UltraChrome system is included with Carbonite Ultra. Independent floating chroma-keyers provide outstanding results and feature auto-image analysis for quick and easy setup. Soft-edge masks help remove unwanted scene elements and built-in frame delay for use in virtual set productions is included.


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Carbonite Ultra Frame

SDI Inputs (HD-BNC) 24 18 12G Single Link or 16 Single link +2 Single Link or Quad Link
(HD-BNC – Standard BNC Adaptors sold separately)
NOTE: Internal sources, including MediaStores, ME, MiniME or Aux Bus re-entries, etc. do not reduce the external SDI input matrix.
SDI Outputs (HD-BNC) 12(10 Assignable &2 Dedicated MultiViewer) 11(10 Assignable &1 Dedicated MultiViewer)
(HD-BNC – Standard BNC Adaptors sold separately)
Full MEs (Mix/Effects Banks) Up to 3 Up to 2
MiniMEs 4 2
MultiViewers with Tally & Source Names Up to 4(Up to 16 windows each) Up to 2(Up to 16 windows each)
Pattern Generators 2 per Full ME
Internal Format Converters/Frame Synchronizers 8(Assignable to any input or output) 2(Assignable to any input or output)
Internal Proc Amp/Color Correctors 8(Assignable to any input or output) 2(Assignable to any input or output)
2D DVEs 8(Assignable to Full ME Transition EnginesFull ME or MiniME Keyers) 4(Assignable to Full ME Transition EnginesFull ME or MiniME Keyers)
Keyers per Full ME 5(4 Full Keyers + 1 Transition Keyer)
Keyers per MiniME 2
UltraChromeTM Chroma-Keyers 4(Assignable to any Full ME or MiniME Keyer) 2(Assignable to any Full ME or MiniME Keyer)
MediaStores 4(Shared 8GB capacity) 2(Shared 8GB capacity)
Supported Media File Types .bmp (no alpha).jpg (no alpha).tga (with or without alpha.png (with or without alpha48KHz .wav file
USB Media Player Allows for playout of ITU-T H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC) codec 1280×720 video clips (SD/HD video modes only)
Animated MediaWipes Available on all Full MEs
Effects Memories with Memory AITM 100 per ME and MiniME
Custom Control Macros 256
Tallies 24
GPI/O 24
AES Audio Outputs 2
Direct Transfer of XPression Stills to MediaStores via Ethernet
LiveEDL (generates a standard Edit Decision List for use in post-production)
LIVE CG XPression graphic creation software included(Allows live transfer of XPression still graphics to Carbonite Ultra MediaStores)
Standard Definition 480i576i 59.94 (4:3 or 16:9)50 (4:3 or 16:9)
High Definition (1.5 Gb/s) 1080pSF720p1080i 23.98/24/25/29.97/3050/59.9450/59.94
High Definition (3 Gb/s) 1080p 23.98/24/25/29.97/30/50/59.94/60
UHD (12Gb/s) 2160p 23.98/24/25/29.97/30/50/59.94/60
1 (HD/BNC)
(Tri-Level HD or Analog SD Black Burst)
Independent Reference Output (HD/BNC)
(Used with LiveEDL or MultiViewer Clock features)
Ethernet 1
RS-422 Editor Port 1
TouchDriveTM Control Panels
DashBoard(Virtual Panel or Ultritouch)
ViewControlTM – Visual Production Control
External RCP Aux Bus Control Panels
AMP(Serial over IP)
Yamaha 01V96 & DM1000
Ross CamBot
Canon BU Series
Dimensions In. mm
Width (Front) 18.98 482.1
Width (Rear) 17.50 444.5
Height 1.63 41.4
Depth 10.00 254.0
Weight Lbs. Kgs.
Carbonite Ultra 1RU Chassis 13 5.90
Power Input Voltage Power Consumption
Input Voltage 100~240V AC, 47-63Hz 114W – 7.6A – 15V
Carbonite Ultra Standard Power Supply (Brick)
Enable ME 2 and UHD ME 1
Enable ME 3 and UHD ME 2
Enable MultiViewers 2 & 4 (SD/HD) Enable MultiViewer 2
Enable Frame Sync/Format Converters, Proc Amps & Color Correctors on all inputs & outputs Enable 7 assignable Frame Sync/Format Converters, 4 assignable output Format Converters & 7 assignable Proc Amp/Color Correctors
HDBNC to BNC adapter cable kit (8 cables)
Enables comprehensive audio mixing and processing capabilities, including:
16 audio channels per SDI input
16 audio channels per SDI output
Up to 24 analog audio inputs*
Up to 15 analog audio outputs*
Up to 3 AES Stereo audio inputs*
Up to 3 AES Stereo audio outputs*
Sample Rate Converters (16-Channel SDI & Stereo AES inputs)
*Requires external Audio Breakout Modules, support up to 3G SDI
48 Stereo Faders Assignable to any SDI, AES or Analog source
Fader Volume -∞db to + 20db
Pre/Post-Fade Audio Meters
Pre/Post-Fade Peak Indicators
Per-Channel EQ & Clip Indicators
Per Channel Mute, Solo, & Pre-Fade Listen (PFL)
Per Channel Mute, Solo, & PFL Clear
Per Fader Audio EQ Control 4-band (high-shelf, dual midrange, low-shelf)
Per Fader Compression/Limiting Variable Attack & Release parameters(Assignable pre- or post-EQ)
Per Fader Audio Follow Video mode
Aux Mixers 12 – assignable pre- or post-fader
Balance Control on Stereo Inputs
Pan Control on Mono Inputs
Mono Mode Duplication of Mono channel (L or R) to create L-L / R-R channel pair
Analog Inputs 8
Analog Outputs 5
AES Digital Audio Inputs 1
AES Digital Audio Outputs 1
Adjustable Pre-Amps Gain on Analog Inputs 0-60dB
48V Phantom Power on Analog Inputs
Digital Pads on Analog Inputs -20dB
Number of GPI/O 24
Number of Tallies 16
NOTE: All Ultra systems support up to three (3) 1RU Audio Breakout Modules which increases the total analog input matrix to twenty-four (24) and analog output matrix to fifteen (15).
The 1RU Audio Breakout Modules support up to 3G SDI, and are not compatible with Carbonite Ultra in UHD
All Carbonite Ultra systems carry a one-year, full transferable hardware and software warranty. Extended hardware warranties are available on an annual basis. Software maintenance and upgrades are included for the life of the product.
*Please contact your Ross Sales Representative for details and pricing for all system options.