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Now Smaller is Bigger. Way Bigger.

Imagine racks and racks of video and audio routing, frame syncs, MultiViewers, and audio processing gear. Now imagine all that in one small package. Enter Ultrix Acuity; a single solution that pairs Acuity, our flagship production switcher, with Ultrix, our flexible hybrid routing platform.

Combining our awardwinning Ultrixᵀᴹ routing system with our Acuity® Software Defined Production Engine blades yields a complete, future-proof control room solution that is greater than the sum of its parts.


Size Matters

Integrating the expansive routing and audio processing capabilities of Ultrix along with the effects repertoire of Acuity into a single chassis makes Ultrix Acuity ideal for OB vans and other mobile applications. Add on redundant power and the result is a complete system that can outperform packages requiring multiple racks and complex cabling.


Mix and Match Fearlessly

The flexible architecture of Ultrix Acuity eliminates format and connectivity challenges, enabling you to transition from HD to UHD with a simple software license. You can mix SDI and IP sources in the same frame transparently to reduce complexity and cost. As needs and demands change, Ultrix Acuity easily keeps pace.



Ross developed the concept of the Software-Defined Production Engine (SDPE) — providing base hardware that can grow with simple, cost-effective software licenses. By designing and engineering Ultrix Acuity using our SDPE platform, we ensure new functionality and enhanced features can be easily added, reducing the uncertainty of meeting future creative or technical requirements.



Fusing Ultrix and Acuity into a single compact package significantly decreases cooling, maintenance, and support costs, which vastly simplifies system design equipment installation, and maintenance. Combining the routing platform with the production switcher shrinks the number of inter-rack failure points and reduces maintenance requirements. 


Radically Familiar

As game-changing as Ultrix Acuity is, operators might not notice. The system uses the same control surfaces they have become accustomed to, lowering the cost of training, and reducing the ramp-up time associated with new hardware. In fact, only those responsible for installing, configuring, and maintaining Ultrix Acuity will truly appreciate how revolutionary the product really is.


Peace of Mind Included

Ultrix Acuity’s robust hardware is designed and engineered for mission-critical applications. But when assistance is needed, you can call on our industry-leading technical support team 24/7, 365 days a year. We offer a range of options, so you tailor your support plan to the specific needs of your facility.

Ultrix Acuity

Now available in Ultrix FR5 or Ultrix FR12

The compact Ultrix FR5 frame can provide up to four Acuity ME banks, but if a larger switcher or greater I/O density is required, the larger FR12 frame is now available.



Integrated Production Platform

Acuity video switcher boards have been re-engineered to tightly integrate into the Ultrix router audio/video processing platform. This allows Acuity to access and feed Ultrix inputs and outputs and leverage Ultrix features such as Frame Syncs, MultiViewers, and audio processing.

Extensive M/E Resources

Ultrix Acuity provides multiple powerful Mix/Effects Banks, each with six keyers, split M/E architecture and programmable transition and key assignment capability. What’s more, these same resources are available in HD or UHD.

Multiple I/O Options

Since Ultrix offers a wide range of I/O boards including SDI, IP, or user-defined SFP that can be used to populate the frame in any combination, Ultrix Acuity is not limited to a single input type.

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Device Integration

With a range of included or optional protocols available, Ultrix Acuity puts external device control at the operator’s fingertips. Custom Control macros can trigger graphics engines, audio mixers, playback servers, robotic cameras, and more, simply and efficiently.

and Control Panels, Ultritouch 2RU and 4RU monitoring stations, and RCP router control panels. The system will fit seamlessly into an OverDrive production automation system with or without control surfaces.


The Software-Defined Production Engine at the heart of Ultrix Acuity is a versatile hardware platform designed for multiple applications. A software license is all that’s needed to convert the blade from an Acuity ME bank to a complete multi-ME Carbonite. And more features are in the works for the future.

Control Panels

From fully manual to advanced automation workflows, there’s a perfect control surface for the task.

  • Acuity Control Panels are compatible with the entire line of Acuity and Ultrix Acuity products
  • The stunning TouchDrive control surfaces can be paired with Ultrix Acuity, Ultrix Carbonite, Carbonite Black/Plus/12G, Carbonite Ultra or the Graphite all-in-one platform.


Frame Configuration Tool

Mix and Match to meet your unique requirements or leave slots empty for easy future upgrades. Use our online Frame Configuration tool to customize your own Ultrix Acuity and request a quote.

To begin, click the link below and select the 5RU or the 12RU Ultrix frame size.



Chassis FR5 FR12
Number of Slots 8 Standard slots1 Flex Slot (I/O Blades only) 16
Maximum SDPE Blades per Chassis 4 Configuration dependent


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Chassis FR5 FR12
Number of Slots 8 Standard slots1 Flex Slot (I/O Blades only) 16
Maximum SDPE Blades per Chassis 4 Configuration dependent
Maximum UHD Gearboxes per Slot 3 in / 3 out 3 in / 3 out
Maximum Ultriscape MV Head Licenses per Slot 3 SDI or 2 IP 3 SDI or 2 IP
Maximum 3Gb/s Input Frame Syncs per Chassis 160 288
Maximum 12Gb/s Input Frame Syncs per Chassis 27 48
Maximum 12Gb/s Clean/Quiet Outputs per Chassis 160 288
Audio Matrix Size (with Optional MADI SFPs) 3456 x 3456 6144 x 6144
Maxium Size of Ultrimix-MXR Audio Mixer 128 x 64 128 x 64
Width 17.5″ (445mm) 17.5″ (445mm)
Depth 7.9″ (201mm) 7.9″ (201mm)
Height 8.7″ (221mm) 21″ (534mm)
Frame Weight 14 lbs (6.35Kg) 76 lbs (34.47 Kg)
I/O Card Weight 3 ibs (1.36 kg) 3 lbs (1.36 Kg)
Acuity SDPE Blade
Supported Video Formats 720p /50 /59.941080i /50 /59.941080p /24 /29.97 /50 /59.942160p /50 /59.94
Number of ME per Blade 1
Number of Keyers per ME 6
UltraChrome Engines per ME 2 (HD/3G/UHD)
Split ME / MultiFeed 4 Definable Program Outputs2 Definable Preview Outputs
Number of 2D DVE per ME 14, including 2 for DVE Transition (HD/3G)6 (UHD)
Number of 3D DVE per ME (Optional Software License) 4 (HD/3G)1(UHD)
Internal SSD Drive for Media Files, Show & Configuration Storage 256GB
Number of Media Stores 4 Channels (with Alpha)
Media Store RAM Capacity 8GB
Event Memory System & Custom Control Macros 1,000 Memories & 2,304 Custom Controls per setup file
Tally, GPIO 24 Tally, 24 GPIO
Primary & Redundant Power Supplies 2 Ultripowers
Number of HD BNC Inputs 16
Number of HD BNC Outputs 16
Audio Channels per I/O 16
SFP Aux Ports 2*
Control & Setup Provisioning & monitoring via DashBoard &/or our published JSON API
*SFPs sold separately#Please refer to the for more information.  
Standard Output (4) 25GE SFP28*
Video Streams per Card 3G/HD: 16+16 redundant, 16 non-redundant6G/UHD: 4+4 redundant, 8 non-redundant
 IP Transport Standard Support SMPTE ST 2110 suite, including:– 10, System Timing & Definitions– 20, Uncompressed Active Video– 30, PCM Digital Audio
System Timing & Reference PTP Slave (SMPTE 2059, AES67 & IEEE-1588 default profiles)
Control & Setup NMOS IS-04 & IS-05 for AIMS-compliant discovery, registration & connection controlEmBER+ discovery, registration & connection control from popular 3rd-party systemsProvisioning & monitoring via DashBoard &/or our published JSON API
*SFPs sold separately#Please refer to the for more information.  
Number of SFP cages 16 Bidirectional SFP Cages plus 2 Aux Ports*
I/O Specification See SFP manufacturer spec sheet for I/O specification
*SFPs sold separately#Please refer to the for more information.