MOG mDECK Grand rp – Professional Deck Appliance

Deck appliance for production asset management workflows in 4K, UHD, FHD, IP Live, and NDI

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Power up your workflow needs with mDECK Grand rp, a state-of-the-art ingest, storage, and PAM system, enhanced with AI capabilities and smart metadata technology that turns your team away from laborious tagging, cataloging, and searching tasks. mDECK Grand rp empowers creative teams by enabling them to work anywhere in a group of users to transform and manage their assets faster and at an accessible price. It supports the combination of record, ingest, transcode, and playback operations in 4K, UHD, FHD, IP Live, and NDI, guaranteeing a universe of distinct arrangements to suit the different activities of each day. This powerful system comes with local storage of 128TB, PSU redundancy, and an OS Drive.


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  • mPAM - Content and production asset manager for up to 6 users
  • Disk-to-Disk storage manager (Archive and Restore)
  • Live to File - multiple simultaneous records
  • Multiple simultaneous transcodes
  • Flexible file naming and renaming engine
  • Metadata preservation, enhancement, and enrichment
  • File playback - multiple simultaneous plays
  • Proxy generation
  • Multiple output resolutions for OTT
  • Social media sharing
  • Artificial engine
Some of these features might affect the number of simultaneous operations.