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Be the Conductor of Your Media Symphony

If you’re at the top of a major broadcast/live event operation, chances are you’re looking for industry-leading, future-proof capabilities backed by rock-solid service and support. If you could see behind the walls of the world’s largest most consummate broadcasters, you would see one Ross Acuity switcher after another.

At the heart of everything we do at Ross is our switcher technology – and Acuity is our top-of-the-line switcher designed to handle the world’s most challenging live events. Built to easily adapt to evolving technology, Acuity is built with the biggest creative feature set for the biggest productions.

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Meet the Demands

Acuity is the most powerful production switcher ever designed by Ross Video. It provides extensive compositing and transition capabilities and customizable features that can address the needs of even the most complex productions.


Engage with your Audience

Acuity’s amazing effects repertoire, including 2D and available 3D DVEs with Warp and Curvilinear effects, on-board MediaStores for still and animated files, and Aux Mixing and Keying allow operators to create eyeball-engaging effects that help advance any storyline.


Multifeed Magic

Complicated productions often come with complex signal routing requirements for secondary feeds, on-set monitor displays, clean feed outputs, and more. Acuity’s extensive multifeed capabilities can meet those challenges while reducing dependency on external routing systems.



Acuity is available in two different frame sizes with expandable ME and MultiViewer capabilities. And either frame can be paired with one of six available Control Panels, each with expanded “Double-Down” versions.



Available 12G Multiprocessing Input boards with integrated Frame Syncs, Format Converters, SDR-HDR Converters, and Proc Amp/Color Correctors provide an all-encompassing upgrade path to UHD operations.


Control, Control, Control

Acuity features the widest range of device control protocols of any Ross production switcher. From audio mixers to tally systems, chances are that if a device can be controlled, Acuity can do it.

Upgrade Your Acuity Today

Download the latest release of Acuity software at no cost to take advantage of the most up-to-date feature additions.

Acuity Overview Video

The Acuity Production Switcher combines limitless production power with aesthetic beauty and unprecedented connectivity.


Powerful Production Engines

Acuity is available in 4RU and 8RU sizes, each with different I/O, ME and MultiViewer counts, providing even mid-size facilities the opportunity to leverage the enormous processing and signal management power of Acuity. Both frames support virtually every major video format from SD to UHD.

Output Transitions

Using Acuity’s independent Aux mixing and keying features, on-set monitor feeds or simple branded secondary outputs can be easily created without tying up valuable ME resources.

Integrated MultiViewers

A wide range of available on-board monitoring solutions keep Control Room staff updated while reducing system complexity by eliminating the need for external routing or signal distribution systems.

Split MEs & Configurable Outputs

Acuity’s powerful MultiFeed feature expands the capability of each ME. Any ME can be split into two separate transition and layering systems with user-configured key layers. Additionally, outputs from the split MEs can be managed separately and independently.

Dual Menu Display & On-Panel Module

Acuity’s included industrial-grade touchscreen displays the unique dual menu system which allows for separate menu sections to be displayed independently on the upper and lower portion of the screen. Additionally, the available on-panel menu module puts those menus at the operators fingertips for even more control.

DVE Resources

In HD, each ME provides sixteen 2D keyer resize engines while the available ME 3D DVE provides advanced perspective, Warp, and Curvilinear effects. The available MultiViewer 3D DVE “floats” and can be assigned anywhere in the system.


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Acuity combines seemingly limitless production power with aesthetic beauty and unprecedented connectivity. It’s an innovative, futuristic large production switcher platform that not only delivers fast, efficient and error-free production, but is also ergonomically perfect and stunningly beautiful.

Control Panels

Key Features  
Multi-Panel Operation (1 Master, 8 Satellites)
Fully Modular Control Panels
Number of Panels Available 6
DualDisplay Menu System
On Panel Menu Control Module
16:9 Touch Screen Menu Display
Themeable Panel Glow RGB Buttons
Full RGB Color Mnemonic Displays
Maximum Assignable Tallies 144
Automation Control via OverDrive
N+1 Redundant Power Supplies (optional)

Frames (Live Production Engines)

Key Features  
Signal Processing Format: 59.94 Hz Frame Rate 480i, 480i 16:9, 720p, 1080i, 1080P (3G Level A), 2160P (quad link UHD-1)
Signal Processing Format: 50 Hz Frame Rate 576i, 576i 16:9, 720p, 1080i, 1080P (3G Level A), 2160P (quad link UHD-1)
Signal Processing Format: 24 Hz Frame Rate 1080P, 1080PsF
Signal Processing Format: 23.98 Hz Frame Rate 1080PsF
Signal Processing Format: 29.97 Hz Frame Rate 1080P
Maximum Number of Multi-Definition Inputs 60 (4RU Frame), 120 (8RU Frame)
Maximum Number of Multi-Definition Outputs 40 (4RU Frame), 60 (8RU Frame)
Maximum Number of MEs 6.5 (4RU Frame), 8 (8RU Frame, .5 ME not supported with 8 Full MEs)
Keyers per ME 8 (selectable 2 or 4 on .5 ME)
UltraChrome Keyers per ME 2
Maximum Number of AuxKeys 10 (4RU Frame), 15 (8RU Frame)
Total Keyers in Fully Populated System, inc. AuxKeys 64 (4RU Frame), 87 (8RU Frame)
MultiFeed with 6 Program Outputs for Each ME
Number of Standard 2D DVE/Resizers 16 per ME with DVE combiner (2 DVEs per key channel)
Number of Optional 3D DVEs 4 per ME, (2 channels with key and fill)
Warps and Curvilinear Effects Standard with 3D DVE option
Key Trails and Advanced Recursive Effects
Internal MultiViewers 20 Windows / Dual Head (installed in unused ME slots)
Source MultiViewers 20 Window MultiViewer per MultiProcessing input Card (optional)
Input Frame Syncs and Conversion Via Optional MultiProcessing input cards
Internal SSD Drive for Media Files, Show and Configuration Storage 240 GB
Number of Media Stores 4 per ME plus 4 channel Global Store
Media Store RAM Capacity 8 GB for each ME MediaStore and a 4 GB Global Store
Event Memory System and Custom Control Macros 1,000 Memories and 2,304 Custom Controls per setup file
SmartConversion – On-The-Fly Format Conversion Standard software feature, optional openGear conversion frame
Internal Proc Amps and Color Correction
Preview Overlay
Tally, GPIO and Contact Closures 36 Tally, 24 GPIO & 24 Programmable Contact Closures
N+1 Redundant Power Supplies (optional)

Input/Output Cards – 12G MultiProcessing Cards

12G Multiprocessing Cards Each Card Includes:
Inputs 20 SDI Inputs: 5 12G SDI inputs or 20 3G SDI inputs
Frame Synchronizers with Format Conversion 8 freely assignable FSFCs per card
YUV Proc Amp per Input
RGB Color Corrector per Input
1080P Level B to Level A Conversion per Input
Input Card MultiViewer Able to display all 20 inputs as a single source, be included as a source insider of another MultiViewer.
UHD Quad Square Division to 2SI Converter 2 converters (eliminates the Input Module MultiViewer)

Input/Output Cards – IP Cards

IP Input Card Each Card Includes:
10G SFP Ethernet Modules 12 (6 Primary, 6 Redundant)
SDI Inputs 21
IP Output Card Each Card Includes:
10G SFP Ethernet Modules 12 (6 Primary, 6 Redundant)
SDI Inputs 20