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The LT 4600A multi-format video generator is a compact, 1U half-rack size SDI video signal generator that supports the triple-rate SDI (3G-SDI/HD-SDI/SD-SDI) format. In addition to test pattern output including color bars and SDI check fields, the LT 4600A is equipped with numerous features such as ID characters, QVGA logo marks, safety area markers, audio embedding, genlock function for external reference input signals, and three analog black signal outputs.


  • Triple-rate SDI ReadySupports 3G (level A and level B), HD (including dual link), and SD. The LT 4600A provides two outputs for two signals. The pattern and timing of each signal can be adjusted separately. (However, only one signal can be output for 3G-B and HD (DL).)
  • ID Character OverlayID characters can be overlaid at any position on the display. In addition, ID characters can be scrolled horizontally or displayed in a blinking state for checking whether the display has frozen.
  • Logo Mark OverlayA logo mark up to 320 (dot) × 240 (line) in size (QVGA size) can be overlaid at any position on the display. Logo marks are 4-level monochrome data converted from bitmap data.
  • Safety Area Markers90% and 80% safety area markers can be overlaid on the display. For 3G and HD, a 4:3 aspect marker can also be overlaid.
  • Pattern ScrollingEquipped with a function for scrolling patterns in eight directions. The speed can also be adjusted.
  • Audio EmbeddingThe LT 4600A can embed 32 channels (link A, link B, 4 channels each × 4 groups) of audio signals for 3G-B and 16 channels (4 channels × 4 groups) of audio signals for 3G-A, HD, and SD. The frequency, level, and the like can be set for each channel.
  • Lip Sync PatternsThe LT 4600A can output lip sync patterns in which the video and audio are synchronized. By using Leader’s LV 5770 (A), LV 5800 (A), or LV 7770, the user can accurately measure the lip sync of the video and audio in SDI signals.
  • Genlock FunctionThe LT 4600A can synchronize with NTSC/PAL black burst signals and HD tri-level sync signals. NTSC/PAL black burst signal with field reference pulse and NTSC black burst signal with 10 field IDs are also supported. Furthermore, a Stay-in-Sync function is available in case errors occur at the genlock input.
  • Analog Black OutputEquipped with three pairs of independent black burst signal outputs. The timing can be adjusted by selecting a NTSC/PAL black burst signal or a HD tri-level sync signal whose clock frequency is the same as in the SDI output format. NTSC/PAL black burst signal with field reference pulse and NTSC black burst signal with 10 field IDs are also supported.
  • Word-Clock OutputEquipped with one 48 kHz word-clock output synchronized with video signals.
  • AES/EBU Serial Digital Audio OutputEquipped with two 48 kHz AES/EBU outputs synchronized with video signals.
  • EthernetStandard support for SNMP makes it easy to integrate the LT 4600A in a network environment.
  • External MemoryFirmware updating and user data writing and saving are possible by connecting USB memory devices on the front panel.
  • Preset SettingsUp to 10 presets can be saved. You can recall a preset to start the LT 4600A with the same settings every time.
  • AC Power Supply90 to 250 VAC, 25W max. power consumption


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