JVC Kenwood DLA-VS4810 4K / 8K e-shift Visualization Series Projector

Ideal for simulations, theme parks, immersive displays, museums and medical institutions, the DLA-VS4810 native 4K projector displays 4096 x 2400 pixels and delivers 5400 lumens with more than 10,000:1 contrast ratio. It features e-shift5 technology, displaying up to 8K resolution, reproducing incredible images with deep blacks. Compatible with a variety of fixed or zoom lenses, the projector provides 8-bit colour bit depth with single-link DVI and 12-bit colour bit depth with dual-link DVI.

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  • Application:Simulation
    Immersive Displays (such as CAVE)
    Theme Parks
    Ultra-high Resolution Command/Control
    Ultra-high Resolution Medical Imaging
    Advanced Visualization and 3D display
  • Solid State Laser-Phosphor Illumination System
  • Flexible mounting in the projection axis up to plus/minus 90°
  • 5400lm brightness
  • High native contrast ratio of 10,000:1
  • Four dual-link DVI input terminals enable simultaneous multi-screen display (two or four display mode)
  • Optional graphics interface for color management
  • Centralized Optic
  • Optional lenses
  • Optional Mechanical Shutter for special Smear Reductions

  • Native 4K (4096×2400) D-ILA device x3
  • Used in Flight-Simulators / Planetariums and Research and Development Centers
  • Max. Resolution 8192×4800 e-shift 8K
  • Communication – 100BaseT Ethernet, RS-232C, USB


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