JVC DLA-VS2300ZG Professional full HD Visualisation Projector

The DLA-VS2300 Visualization Series projector has been designed to produce optimal results for visualization and simulation, with JVC’s renowned 3-chip D-ILA imaging system. Available both with (DLA-VS2300ZG) and without a lens (DLA-VS2300G), each 2K model features the BLU-Escent hybrid laser illumination system to offer improved native contrast and gamma tracking performance, together with a long lifespan.

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    • BLU-Escent Laser/Phosphor Light source
    • Long-life light source (20,000+ hours) for lower total cost of ownership
    • High contrast using D-ILA LCoS device
    • 3 active matrix 0.7″ digital D-ILA devices
    • Long-life inorganic optical components
    • Long-life wiregrid polarisers
    • 1920 x 1080 native resolution
    • 1200 ANSI lumens (typical),1000 ANSI lumens (minimum)
    • 30,000:1 contrast ratio (typical),20,000:1(minimum)
    • Wide-range zoom lens, 1.4-2.8:1 throw ratio, ±80% vertical off set,±34% horizontal off set
    • Infrared spectrum for NVG generated by the phosphor
    • Flexible orientation – unlimited pitch & roll
    • Angle-free installation,portrait mode available
    • 7-axis colour management system
    • 12-bit gamma correction
    • Comprehensive LAN/RS232 control protocol
    • 11×11 matrix, 1/16 pixel micro-convergence control
    • Digital smear reduction via black-frame insertion
    • Hide function with light source minimum power
    • Auto intensity mode


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