ROSS XPression – Real Time 3D Graphics System

The Ultimate Visual Storytelling Tool

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Welcome to the Next Generation of Graphics

Every day, visual storytellers in broadcast, news, sports, entertainment, house of worship and corporate communications work to elevate the ways they engage their viewers. Tools for creating, augmenting and branding footage are proliferating — and XPression puts them all at your fingertips.

As a comprehensive graphics solution, XPression equips operators with real-time motion graphics capabilities. Built from the ground up to be a 3D system, XPression also fully supports 2D workflows, and seamlessly composites real-time 3D animation with media assets from today’s hottest design applications.


Real – Time

XPression uses intelligent caching to provide real-time access to content so there is no lag between keyboard entry and system operation.


Designer Friendly

XPression employs clean user interfaces, logical menus, and controls based on other widely deployed creation tools, shortening any learning curve.



XPression handles it all: SD, HD, in SDI or IP, UHD/4K in Quad-Link or 12G Single-Link SDI. XPression software is resolution independent and output card agnostic.


IP Ready

XPression Studio and BlueBox supports SMPTE ST 2022-6, SMPTE ST 2022-7 and SMPTE ST 2110. XPression Studio with SMPTE ST 2022-6 is deployed at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the world’s first all-IP stadium!



XPression has always been available as a software only solution all the way up to a turnkey hardware product. From a portable configuration all the way to purpose-built hardware, there is an XPression platform that suits all configurations.



XPression is in use around the world, in multiple languages. Designers have embraced XPression as a design tool, making it their entry point into creative design and animation development, rather than starting in a desktop suite.

Living Live Community!

The platform offers a place for live production professionals to come together to share their experiences, solve problems, find answers to questions and discuss best practices.



Rental Partners

Contact one of our authorized rental partner for all your XPression rental needs.

Learn More

XPression Marketplace

Explore the many products and services available from our trusted XPression partners.


Freelancer Training

Join Ross Video and get to grips with the more advanced features of XPression.


Fitting in Everywhere

Ross Video is introducing a powerful new hardware platform For XPression Studio, BlueBox and Clips, in a high efficiency 1RU form factor. Fitting into the physical space is one thing; the XPression 1RU also sneaks into spaces normally reserved for laptop and desktop towers, with a sound level at or below 54dB which is quieter than normal conversation levels.

Choose either XPression Studio or BlueBox; available as Single Channel Edition or the XPression Standard Edition for a three channel (Video/Key) configuration. XPression Clips configurations available on this hardware configuration include single channel (Video/Key) or Dual Channel (Video/Key). This small footprint 1RU form factor can have a high impact on productions large or small, without taking up much room.

This innovative 1RU configuration supports up to three channels (Video/Key) in 1080P 60 for XPression Studio or BlueBox in HD-SDI or now with NDI™


Choose wisely…

Ross Video XPression Engines are now available in three form factors, 1RU, 2RU and 4RU. After polling a wide range of existing XPression customers, we found many were not using physical GPIs and favored the RossTalk™ Smart GPI protocol. AES was another feature that many customers were not using. Even fewer customers needed the Longitudinal Time-Code Input. For those customers, the XPression 1RU and 2RU platforms offer all the functionality they need.

The 1RU allows for up to 3 channels (Video/Key) of HD-SDI 1080P and a whisper quiet 54 dB sound level.

The 2RU HD-SDI platform offers up to four channels (Video/Key) of 1080P or 1 channel (Video/Key) of Quad-link UHD/4K. For customers interested in the 2RU platform in SMPTE ST 2022-6, 2022-7 or 2110 IP production workflows will find dual 10G SFG cages (SFPs not included) for two channels (Video/Key) of 1080P IP capability.

For the customers who do need AES, physical GPIs and L Longitudinal Time-Code Input, the XPression 4RU platform options provide for HD-SDI, 12G or IP, using dual 25G SFP Cages (SFPs not included) for video I/O configurations of leading edge video production of 1080P or UHD/4K.


Software Releases

XPression has a rich feature set that continues to grow…


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