ROSS Ultrix Carbonite – Ultra HD Production Switcher

A proven mid-sized hyperconverged platform

Save Space. Gain Power.

Meet the needs of the present while preparing for the future. As a proven hyperconverged switching and routing platform, Ultrix Carbonite provides facilities with an easy-to-use and cost-effective system that can expand as production needs and requirements grow. 

Based on the revolutionary Software-Defined Production Engine (SDPE), Ultrix Carbonite pairs the world’s most popular mid-sized production switcher with the powerful routing and signal processing capabilities of an Ultrix router to yield a level of performance, flexibility and value unachievable by any traditional standalone system.

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Size Matters

Each Software-Defined Production Engine (SDPE), installed in either an FR2, FR5, or FR12 frame, provides up to two powerful ME banks and versatile MiniMEs in addition to the powerful routing and processing capabilities of Ultrix. The space-saving FR2 and FR5 frames are ideal for smaller facilities and OB vans and each frame eliminates the need for separate audio processing, frame sync and multiviewer hardware.


Comfortably Familiar

Carbonite set the standard for operational ease of use, flexible functionality, and integrated control. Ultrix Carbonite carries on that tradition – it is fully compatible with the TouchDrive™ family of control surfaces as well as DashBoard, Ross Video’s powerful command and configuration software application. Operators familiar with Carbonite’s intuitive auto-delegation and menu system will feel at home and new users will quickly acclimate. 


Future – Confident

The versatile Software Defined Production Engine (SDPE) hardware blades provide significant advantages over traditional switchers. For example, new features and functionality can be added through cost-effective software licenses, ensuring that the system can grow as needs and customer demands change. Multiple SDPE blades, configured as Carbonite switchers, can be installed in a single frame, providing the opportunity to produce in HD and 4k UHD formats simultaneously. 



Compared to equivalent racks of equipment, this compact single-chassis solution consumes less power, uses less space, and requires less cooling, which vastly simplifies system design and equipment installation. Combining the routing platform with the production switcher shrinks the number of inter-rack failure points and reduces maintenance requirements. 


Mix and Match Fearlessly

Ultrix Carbonite is the ideal solution for mid-size facilities confronted with mixed or changing signal formats or connectivity schemes. Any of the three available Ultrix I/O boards (SDI, IP or SFP) can be installed in available slots and mixed as needed, providing maximum flexibility and convenience both now and in the future. 


Peace of Mind Included

Ultrix Carbonite is engineered, built and backed by Ross Video, an industry leader with over 40 years of experience manufacturing top-quality live production equipment. Phone and e-mail technical support are included for the life of the product, and flexible extended warranty programs designed to maximize long-term peace of mind are also available.

Ultrix Carbonite

Now available in Ultrix FR2, Ultrix FR5 or Ultrix FR12

The Ultrix FR2, FR5, and FR12 frames offer differing levels of I/O density and each can mount one or more SDPE blades configured as Ultrix Carbonites.



Carbonite SDPE

Each Carbonite SDPE blade is a fully independent switcher with 22 inputs and outputs. The SDPE provides up to 2 full ME and 4 MiniME banks (2 MiniME banks in UHD). Each full ME bank has 6 keyers, while the MiniME banks provide 2 keyers each. Twelve 2D DVEs (six in UHD), each with its own adjustable perspective Border Generator are available systemwide.

1 Frame, Multiple Carbonites

The entire Ultrix input matrix, in groups of 18, is available to any Carbonite SDPE blade. This simplifies setup for multi-room productions since all Carbonites in the frame have direct access to the same pool of video sources. Input signals can be routed effortlessly into the switcher using a router control panel, or by sending RossTalk commands from Carbonite to Ultrix.

Signal Processing

Ultrix Carbonite is a comprehensive signal processing toolbox housed in the Ultrix frame. Input Frame Synchronisers and Format Converters (FSFC) can be used to adjust incoming signal formats while Processing Amplifiers and Colour Correctors can be applied to any input.


In addition to Ultrix MultiViewers, the Carbonite SDPE blade provides 2 Production MultiViewers in HD (1 in UHD) that can access the full range of Carbonite-derived signals. The Carbonite and Ultrix MultiViewer capability can fulfill virtually any Control Room monitoring requirement.

Comprehensive Control

Ultrix Carbonite is fully compatible with TouchDrive, Ross Video’s revolutionary touch-enabled control surface. Ultrix Remote Control Panels or Ultritouch monitoring displays can also be used for router control or switcher recall operations. And DashBoard can extend control beyond the switcher to a full range of Ross and third-party devices.

Mixed Formats and Connectivity

The challenges of mixed-signal formats and connectivity schemes are easily overcome using Ultrix Carbonite. SDI, SMPTE 2110 IP, even MADI, Fiber and HDMI sources can be connected directly to Ultrix I/O boards and used within the Carbonite environment.

Frame Configuration Tool

The Carbonite SDPE blades are compatible with the Ultrix FR2, FR5 and FR12 frames.

Mix and match to meet your unique requirements or leave slots empty for easy future upgrades. Use our online Frame Configuration tool to customise your own Ultrix Carbonite and request a quote.

To begin, click the link below and select either the the 2RU, 5RU or 12RU Ultrix frame size.


Chassis FR2 FR5 FR12
Number of Slots 3 Standard slots1 Fixed Slot (HD-SDI) 8 Standard slots1 Flex Slot (I/O Blades only) 16
Maximum SDPE Blades per Chassis 2 4 Configuration dependent


Control Panels

From fully manual to advanced automation workflows, there’s a perfect control surface for the task.

  • Acuity Control Panels are compatible with the entire line of Acuity and Ultrix Acuity products
  • The stunning TouchDrive control surfaces can be paired with Ultrix Acuity, Ultrix Carbonite, Carbonite Black/Plus/12G, Carbonite Ultra or the Graphite all-in-one platform.


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Chassis FR2 FR5 FR12
Number of Slots 3 Standard slots1 Fixed Slot (HD-SDI) 8 Standard slots1 Flex Slot (I/O Blades only) 16
Maximum SDPE Blades per Chassis 2 4 Configuration dependent
Maximum UHD Gearboxes per Slot 3 in/3 out 3 in / 3 out 3 in / 3 out
Maximum Ultriscape MV Head Licenses per Slot 3 SDI or 2 IP 3 SDI or 2 IP 3 SDI or 2 IP
Maximum 3Gb/s Input Frame Syncs per Chassis 72 160 288
Maximum 12Gb/s Input Frame Syncs per Chassis 12 27 48
Maximum 12Gb/s Clean/Quiet Outputs per Chassis 72 160 288
Audio Matrix Size (with Optional MADI SFPs) 1536 x 1536 3456 x 3456 6144 x 6144
Maxium Size of Ultrimix-MXR Audio Mixer 128 x 64 128 x 64 128 x 64
Width 17.5″ (445mm) 17.5″ (445mm) 17.5″ (445mm)
Depth 7.9″ (201mm) 7.9″ (201mm) 7.9″ (201mm)
Height 3.48″ (88mm) 8.7″ (221mm) 21″ (534mm)
Frame Weight 12 lbs (5.44kg) 14 lbs (6.35Kg) 76 lbs (34.47 Kg)
I/O Card Weight 3 lbs (1.36kg) 3 lbs (1.36 kg) 3 lbs (1.36 Kg)
Supported Video Formats 720p /50 /59.94
1080i /50 /59.94
1080pSF /23.98 /24 /25 /29.97 /30
1080p /23.98 /24 /25 /29.97 /30 /50 /59.94 /60
2160p /23.98 /24 /25 /29.97 /30 /50 /59.94 /60
Maximum ME (Mix/Effects Banks) per Blade 2
Keyers per ME 7 (6 Full Keyers + 1 Transition Keyer)
MiniME Banks per Blade 4 (HD/3G)2 (UHD)
Keyers per MiniME 2
Floating UltraChrome Chroma-Key Engines 4 (HD/3G)
2 (UHD)
Floating 2D DVE 12 (HD/3G)
6 (UHD)
Number of Media Stores 4 Channels (with Alpha)
Media Store RAM Capacity 8GB (shared)
USB Media Player 1 (HD only)
Event Memory & Custom Control Macro Systems 100 Memories per ME & MiniME & 256 Custom Controls per setup file
Tally/GPIO per Blade 24/24
N+2 Redundant Power Supplies 2 Fully Loaded Ultripower Rack-Mount PSU Chasses
ME 1 License Base Configuration with 1 ME
ME 2 License Enables second ME
UHD License Enables selection of UHD operation modes
Frame Sync / Format Converter License HD: Frame Sync with Format Converters on every inputConverts SD to 1080i, 270p to 1080i, 1080p to 1080i, 1080p to 720p, 720p to 1080p, 1080i to 1080p
UHD: 4 User Assignable Fram Sync with Format Converters to any inputConverts HD 720p/1080i/1080p of the same Frame Rate to UHD system format
Proc Amp / Colour Corrector License HD: Proc Amp / Colour Corrector on every input
UHD: 4 User Assignable Proc Amp / Colour Correctors to any input
Number of HD BNC Inputs 16
Number of HD BNC Outputs 16
Audio Channels per I/O 16
SFP Aux Ports* 2*
*SFPs sold separately
#Please refer to the Ultrix specification page for more information. ( routing-systems/ultrix/specifications)
Media Ports (4) 25GE SFP28*
Video Streams per Card 3G/HD: 16+16 redundant, 16 non-redundant
6G/UHD: 4+4 redundant, 8 non-redundant
IP Transport Standard Support SMPTE ST 2110 suite, including:
– 10, System Timing & Definitions
– 20, Uncompressed Active Video
– 30, PCM Digital Audio
System Timing & Reference PTP Slave (SMPTE 2059, AES67 & IEEE-1588 default profiles)
Control & Setup NMOS IS-04 & IS-05 for AIMS-compliant discovery, registration & connection control
EmBER+ discovery, registration & connection control from popular 3rd-party systems
Provisioning & monitoring via DashBoard &/or our published JSON API
*SFPs sold separately
#Please refer to the Ultrix specification page for more information. ( routing-systems/ultrix/specifications)
Number of SFP cages 16 Bidirectional SFP Cages plus 2 Aux Ports*
I/O Specification See SFP manufacturer spec sheet for I/O specification
*SFPs sold separately
#Please refer to the Ultrix specification page for more information. ( routing-systems/ultrix/specifications)
Multi-Panel Operation 1 Master, 2 Satellites, 1 SoftPanel
Number of Panel Models Available 6
Exclusive Touch Displays w/Gesture Control
Themeable Panel Glow RGB Buttons
Preloaded DashBoard control application
Available Touchscreen DashBoard Monitor
Redundant Power Supplies (optional) Bricks or Ultripower
#Please refer to the TouchDrive page for more information. (