ROSS EVO Signature Series Storage Solutions

High Performance Shared Storage

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High Performance Shared Storage

The Ross EVO Signature Series offers a wide array of shared storage solutions to meet the needs of professional media and live production applications, built for performance and ultra cost effective.

Designed and built by Studio Network Solutions, the Signature Series has been designed exclusively for Ross Video and is fully qualified against our graphics, workflow, asset management, replay, and playout solutions.


Designed for Performance

EVO supports the most demanding video – such as 6K, 4K, 10-bit uncompressed HD, and stereoscopic 3D – over 10GbE Ethernet or Fibre Channel.


Flexible I/O

Choose from 1G, or 10G available in both copper and optical (SFP) in most configurations, to match your network and application needs.


Expansion Ready

Storage that grows with you. The EVO 8, 16, and nearline platforms are easily expandable with the addition of expansion chassis that can be added at any time.


Share Everything

With an SNS EVO shared media storage server, you can connect and share everything. You’ll spend less and still get better performance.


Intuitive Operations

Simple to setup and configure and can be used as either NAS or SAN based storage.


Fully Qualified

The EVO Signature Series is fully qualified against our XPression, Streamline, and Abekas product lines in multiple configurations and topologies to ensure consistent performance for your live productions.

Living Live Community!

The platform offers a place for live production professionals to come together to share their experiences, solve problems, find answers to questions and discuss best practices.


Built For Digital And Live Media Workflows

With EVO, you can connect and share everything — you’ll spend less and still get better performance. EVO is purpose-built for digital and live media workflows, integrating seamlessly with Ross XPression, Abekas Replay and Playout, and Streamline MAM solutions and providing the horsepower needed to drive your live productions.


Highly Collaborative

EVO enables your whole crew to share a high-performance, consolidated storage system. Everyone can participate in the workflow for a truly collaborative experience.


Fiber Channel And Ethernet Support

EVO can be upgraded up to 50GbE for the most demanding environments. EVO supports the capability to have multiple 1, 10, 25, and 50GbE ports, which you can mix and configure for your requirements. In fact, your workstations can simply connect straight into to these ports — you don’t need an Ethernet switch (unless you prefer it).


To Direct Attach Up To 26 Devices (From Computers)

Using expandable I/O, EVO solutions can support up to 26 direct connections, depending on the model. Simply add a switch for more.


Support For Multiple NLEs

Support for Final Cut Pro/FCP X, Avid (with native project and bin sharing), Adobe Premiere CC and Premiere Pro (with project sharing), Resolve, EDIUS, and Pro Tools (with project sharing).


Designed For The Ross Ecosystem

Fully integrated and qualified using the most extreme applications with Ross
XPression graphics, Abekas Mira replay and Tria playout, and media asset management, as a central part of your Ross solution.


Form Factor Desktop (5 RU) 2 RU Short Depth 4 RU 3 RU 3 RU
Max Capacity 48 TB 288 TB (w/1 Expansion) 288 TB (w/1 Expansion) 960 TB (w/4 Expansions) 960 TB (w/4 Expansions)
Direct Play for Abekas and XPression


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