Ross Carbonite Ultra 60 Production Switcher

A New Class of Production Switcher with up to 60 inputs and 25 outputs in HD or UHD

Bigger. Faster. More Powerful

Since its introduction, Carbonite Ultra has become the benchmark for performance and ease of use for mid-sized production switchers. So how do you make a really good thing even better? Grow it bigger!

Introducing Carbonite Ultra 60, a totally new class of production switcher from Ross that stands on the shoulders of Carbonite Ultra – an industry-leading product that has won the hearts and minds of operators around the world.

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More is Better

Carbonite Ultra 60 provides up to 60 inputs and 25 outputs in HD or UHD. The switcher is built in a modular 3RU frame, which allows facilities to start with a lower number of inputs and outputs and then upgrade to the maximum as needs increase.


A Proven Pedigree

Although Ultra 60 is a new hardware platform designed to provide incredible performance and outstanding reliability, it shares the DNA of Carbonite Ultra, our 1RU best-in-show production powerhouse.


Production Switcher++

Like Carbonite Ultra, the new Carbonite Ultra 60 platform goes well beyond simple layering and transitions with onboard Frame Syncs, Format Converters, MultiViewers, and much more.


A Perfect Match

Powerful output processing makes it easy to match multiple on-set or on-stage displays to achieve a perfect final result.


A Sound Investment

Audio mixing and processing capabilities are available with an easy-to-install license.


Recognizably Familiar

Although Carbonite Ultra 60 represents the next stage in the evolution of the Carbonite series, it shares the same operator-friendly toolset that has been the hallmark of Carbonite since Day 1.

Carbonite Ultra 60 upgrade path

Carbonite production switchers from Ross are built upon 10+ years of product development. Be sure to download the latest software upgrades of Carbonite Ultra 60 at no cost to take advantage of the most up-to-date feature additions as soon as they are released.

A New Class of Production Switcher

Bigger, faster, and more powerful, Carbonite Ultra 60 offers big switcher performance in a single cost-effective hardware platform. With modular I/O boards that provide up to 60 Inputs and 25 Outputs and three full MEs in HD or UHD, this new class of production switcher will meet your production needs now and in the future.


Extensive Compositing

Carbonite Ultra 60 has ample capacity for advanced multi-layer effects and transitions with up to 26 independently controllable keyers in both HD and UHD, and up to 3 transition keyers. In addition, the UltraScene Advanced Compositing Engine adds 4 more paired compositing engines without consuming ME or MiniME resources.

Control Options

Since production requirements can vary, Carbonite Ultra 60 offers multiple control options ranging from the incredible TouchDrive series of panels to DashBoard-enabled virtual panels and ViewControl, a Ross-exclusive system that allows even inexperienced operators to confidently manage complex productions.

Production Sequencer

Stack switcher events such as transitions or recalls into one of five available Sequencer lists and then execute each one in turn with a simple mouse click. Sequencers allow any operator to execute a series of events repeatedly without errors.

Instant Recall Memories & Macros

Complex operations are simplified with an extensive Memory and Macro system. Memories and/or macros can be instantly recalled with a single button press and many effect parameters can be “ramped” from one value to another using Memory Effects Dissolve.

Media Storage & Management

Carbonite Ultra 60 includes six on-board MediaStores for playback of stills and/or short animated sequences. MediaStores “float” system-wide and each provides integrated key/fill capability. MediaStores 1 & 2 can also be used with Carbonite Ultra 60’s powerful MediaWipe transition keyers.

Integrated Ecosystem

Like all Carbonite switchers, Ultra 60 is completely DashBoard compliant making it easy to open configuration, personality, or operations menus from virtually anywhere. Multiple instances of DashBoard, running on separate computers, can provide multi-user access.


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Base Frame With 1 I/O board With 2 I/O boards 12 x 4 + 1 I/O MultiViewer 36 x 12 + 3 I/O MultiViewers 60 x 20 + 5 I/O MultiViewers Media/Transition Keyers per ME 1
Production MultiViewers 1 MiniME Banks 4
Mix/Effects Banks (MEs) Up to 3 Independent Key layers per MiniME 2
Independent Key layers per ME 6 UltraScene Layers 8 (4 pairs)
*Some features are optional. Please contact Ross Video for details.
NOTE: Initial software release will support HD formats ONLY SD & UHD formats will be available late 2023.