RM-LP250M Remote Controller for JVC ENG/Studio Camcorders

IP based RCU (Remote Control Unit), for GY-HC Camcorder series RM-LP250S use Wheel Iris controller and its designed for up to 3 Camera

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  • For GY-HC900 series
  • For GY-HC500/550 Firmware update on Camera is needed, check on Camera site
  • Super crisp OLED window with large display tiles on setting panel that can be raised for better view
  • Wheel Control
  • Iris control parameters
  • 8 user buttons
  • 8 high-quality encoders with RGB backlight for function identification
  • Programmable pressure and direction sensitive elastomer joypad
  • Four-way buttons with OLED legends for dynamic labeling
  • Recording + streaming buttons
  • Camera ID display tally bar
  • Master black knob with
    dedicated OLED display
  • 4-way button for Preview
  • Zoom + focus control (if lens supports it)
  • Master black control
  • Gain settings
  • AE levels
  • Shutter mode and speed
  • WB mode, WB one push, and WB paint
  • Detail
  • Tally
  • Character output mix
  • Menu and menu navigation
  • Industry standard form factor (4″/102mm wide)
  • Sits console style on table top or mountable in OB van rack


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