MultiDyne VF-9000

Versatile Data & Video Fiber Optic Transport Platform 1GbE RJ-45 & BNC or HD-BNC Coaxial I/O up to 12G-SDI

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The VF-9000 is a 1 Rack Unit, very high-density video fiber optic transport platform with SNMP monitoring. It has 18 optical I/O (9 or 18 SFP Ports) and can be configured with up to 18 full-size BNCs or 36 HD-BNCs. The system also supports up to 9 1GbE optical extensions provides the user with the option to handle SDI and LAN signals in one frame.

The configuration of the video input vs. output is configured automatically, following the I/O of the SFP installed. If a dual TX SFP in inserted in a slot, the two BNCs at the back of the slot become inputs. If a dual RX SFP is inserted in a slot, the two BNCs at the back of the slot become outputs. There are no setups or configurations required.

If the unit is populated with CWDM SFPs, all 18 signals can be multiplexed/de-multiplexed over/from one SM fiber. Next to the SFP cages are the optical multiplexer/de-multiplexer I/O’s, configured with LC ports for easy patching with generic, inexpensive LC patch cables.

Each video card in the VF-9000 has 2 BNCs or 4 HD-BNCs on the back, and one or two SFP cage in the front. These cards can be ordered with two channel SFPs and two BNCs as described above or with a single BNC input and loop output. In this case, there will be only one optical output. The reciprocal receiver card would have only one optical input with a dual BNC output.

Ideal for use in OB vans where space is limited and high density is a necessity. With dual hot swapable power supplies, there is peace of mind with power redundancy and no need for cumbersome external power supplies.


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