MultiDyne MDoG-6001-DA-2X4-AA

The MDoG-6001-DA-2X4-AA is a remote gain analog audio distribution amplifier designed for broadcast use. It can be used as either a mono 1×8 or dual-channel 1×4 stereo audio distribution amplifier.

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When used with the standard rear module, it provides 8 copies of the single mono input signal or 4 copies each of the stereo inputs.

The MDoG-6001-DA-2X4-AA has internal audio processing for independent channel or stereo gain control as well as summing capability which can be set using the on board DIP switch or controlled via dashboard remote control and monitoring system.

The MDoG-6001-DA-2X4-AA is also ideal for LTC timecode distribution throughout a facility. In the 1×8 mode, the MDoG-6001-DA-2X4-AA provides 8 copies of the incoming signal when used with the R2-6001-DA-2×4-AA full rear module.


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