Mobile Viewpoint WMT BaseLink Portable Encoder

Live Stream Professional H.264/H.265 Encoder

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The mid-range WMT Baselink encoder from Mobile Viewpoint is in use by many global broadcasters and public agencies for their critical live streaming needs. For the broadcaster and TV production company it is a valuable addition to their outside broadcast and remote production needs such as live sports, news gatherings, festivals and religious services.

The Baselink is also in use by many security, law enforcement and rescue organizations for their mobile surveillance requirements to securely live stream from a remote location over multiple “bonded” cellular networks.

By bonding together multiple cellular networks for reliability with an additional error correction layer for increased quality, the Baselink provides a highly reliable mobile ruggedized unit that can deliver seamless quality HD video streams at a modest cost, with a minimal end-to-end latency of 0.8 seconds from remote camera to playout at the receiving location.

With both the latest H.265 compression and the option of using H.264 encoding for legacy workflows, the unit is capable of supporting up to 12MB/sec over bonded networks and can transmit back to a studio or to the cloud using up to and including 4 or 6 internal 3G/4G/5G modems, Wi-Fi, LAN and/or satellite. It can bond all these connections to make a single high bandwidth connection. By using adaptive bitrate, the Baselink dynamically optimizes the video feed based on the available bandwidth ensuring high quality video delivery, even in the most demanding of situations.

The lightweight and small sized encoder can fit into a supplied backpack and can be battery powered via an installed vLock/ Anton Bauer battery plate, allowing the use of standard camera battery’s for remote operation.

At the receiving location, a WMT decoder can be installed allowing the creation of either an HD-SDI stream or an IP stream for a CDN, OTT platforms, social media or a Video Management System (VMS). A subscription based cloud decoding platform is also available negating the need for an on-premise decoder if not desired.

All encoders in the field can be remotely managed and controlled via LinkMatrix, a free-to-use management platform that operates from a browser on any device. This means non-technical journalists and production people in the field do not need to manage the units directly.


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  • H.265/H.264
  • 4 (upgradable to 6) modems, Ethernet and WiFi
  • Remote (web-based) management
  • SDI or HDMI input
  • Direct live on social media or decoder for HD-SDI outputs