JVC Kenwood VX-UH1150LC HDMI Cable

The VX-UH1150LC is a certified Ultra-High-Speed HDMI(TM) Cable, designed for D-ILA projectors. Using a hybrid cable structure of optical fibre, reinforced shield metal, and the latest optical conversion chip, the cable is compatible with 48Gbps signals and capable of transmitting both 8K60p and 4K120p stably at it length of 15 meters.

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  • Ultra High Speed HDMI(TM) Cable certified
  • High-quality audio/video transmission with 8K60p and 4K120p compatible equipment such as D-ILA projectors.
  • Popular 15-meter cable length makes it suitable for home theater applications.
  • No more transmission loss or image distortion achieved even for a long-distance transmission with the latest optical conversion chip, a hybrid optical fibre structure, and reinforced shield metal.
  • Low power consumption design achieved with the optical conversion chip, and no external power required as the cable acquires power from the connected equipment.
  • In addition to ARC and Ethernet, the cable is compatible with eARC (Enriched Audio Return Channel) for use with flat panel TV, gaming and AVR applications.
  • Compact aluminium housing design with a depth of 38.5 mm contributes in suppressing noise and allows installation as close to the wall as possible.
  • Complicated installation can be realized with its minimum bending radius of 35 mm.


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