Hitachi SK-UHD7000 4K Production Camera

Professional 4K television production camera

Hitachi’s next-generation 4K Ultra HD broadcast and live production camera system incorporates three 2/3”, global shutter CMOS image sensors. Native 4K sensors enables pristine capture of 3840×2160 UHD video. Expanded spectral range with a new prism design and high-performance sensors enables full-range BT.2020 Wide Color Gamut.

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Dual 4K and HDTV workflow supports separate controls for Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) High Dynamic Range (HDR) and standard dynamic range (SDR), maximizing production versatility and efficiency. The SK-UHD7000 is ideal for a wide range of applications – from broadcasters archiving their productions, to live production companies striving to offer the utmost quality to their clients, to houses of worship future-proofing their facilities with life-like video.


  • Three 2/3-inch, 3840×2160 global shutter CMOS image sensors
  • 2,000 TVL UHD resolution
  • High Sensitivity of F11
  • >62dB signal to noise ratio
  • Single-link, 12G-SDI multi-format output directly from the camera head
  • Streamlined, one-piece lightweight camera chassis with low center of gravity
  • New state-of-the-art processors for future-proof, advanced digital processing technology
  • Multi-format global design output signals for most TV broadcast and production standards
  • SMPTE-311M hybrid optical fiber cable provides transmission and camera power up to 2KM
  • Single-Mode fiber can be used up to 10Km without external adapters or accessories (with external head power)
  • High performance HD down-conversion offers simultaneous 1080p, 1080i, and 720p output
  • Dual Workflow with simultaneous HDR and SDR
  • High Dynamic Range with HLG and adjustable profiles
  • Motorized optical filter wheel
  • Low power consumption
  • Integrated prompter power, video monitoring, and intercom connectivity at the camera body
  • Independent HD-SDI VF output for crane or Jib installations
  • Focus assist and viewfinder zoom for critical focus at 4K resolution.
  • Trunk data interface for video transport and control of TCP/IP-capable devices connected to the camera head
  • Control panels (SU-1000 and RU-1500 series) can control up to 128 cameras over a TCP/IP network
  • 2 independent CCU Returns; inputs can be HD-SDI single or dual link, or SD analog or digital selectable
  • RLAC (real-time lens aberration correction) improves the image captured by most modern digital lenses
  • Direct data transfer from SD memory cards used at camera head and control panels
  • UHD and HD signal linear masking & 12-vector color correction
  • Independent control of UHD & HDTV detail
  • Ultra-Gamma (Selectable Gamma table)
  • Preset Masking (6 settings: DEFAULT, ITU-709, SMPTE-240M, SMPTE-2020, NTSC, EBU)
  • 3 channel Flesh-tone masking and multiple memory. Flesh-tone detail correction settings
  • Color Knee, Knee saturation and Knee detail functions
  • Real-time and offline diagnostic system with character display superimposed on PIX video output


  • Optional Studio Adapter for use with large broadcast box, compact studio and hand-held 2/3-inch bayonet lenses
  • Maintains backwards compatibility with existing HITACHI HDTV control panels, cables, and viewfinders
  • Ethernet control and assignment of control panels and CCUs

Operation Manual

  • To access the operation manuals, please get in touch with our support team.


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