CAM-CSGYHM700-800 Camcorder Protection Tools

The Body Protection and Wetsuite for GY-HM850/890 ENG use and former GY-HM7x0 series, is a tailor-made Body and Rain cover that protects your camera against the elements. Made of a special fabric with a soft lining this flexible cover.

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  • Clear Windows for Side display
  • Additional Pack for accessories (like wireless Audio receivers)
  • Velcro Fastner
  • Battery & extra protection / Include Fix Back
    to open the wet and dust protection
  • Wet & Dust Protection for Body, Lens, EVF,Battery & Microphone
  • Body & EVF protection
  • Additional Protection for the Electronic Viewfinder
  • Suite designed for GY-HM8X0 and GY-HM7X0 series


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